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Thomas Kinkade, one of the most widely beloved and collected artists, painted in a variety of genres, from plein air to impressionism to romantic realism. The art of Thomas Kinkade and that of Thomas Kinkade Studios is sought after by some of the most preeminent art collectors as well as by all sorts of collectors from all walks of life. Thom emphasized simple pleasures and inspirational messages through his paintings. He used his gift as a way to communicate and spread inherent life-affirming values.

In addition to the continued development of the Thomas Kinkade brand and Thomas Kinkade Studios, The Thomas Kinkade Company provides an unparalleled market presence in the gift product industries. The efforts of a dedicated team provide the highest level of service to our galleries and provide a profitable and rewarding business relationship with the largest distribution network in the art-publishing world.

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Brand Highlights Thomas Kinkade Brand Highlights

  • • A Thomas Kinkade product is in 1 out of every 10 homes in America
  • • The Thomas Kinkade Company is constantly bringing new products to market through the Thomas Kinkade Company product development as well as our extensive list of Thomas Kinkade licensees
  • • The Thomas Kinkade Company offers a comprehensive web-based training program to bring owners and staff up-to-date on all Thomas Kinkade related information
  • • Engaging event opportunities with dynamic speakers and artists who will help develop marketing buzz and generate business development
  • • Experienced representatives in the field offer assistance with merchandising, marketing, events, sales programs and more

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Mike & Kay M., Cumming, GA

Did You Know? Thomas Kinkade The Painter of Light

Thomas Kinkade received a National Association of Limited Edition Dealers (NALED) lifetime achievement award for the most decorated artist in the organization's 30 year history.

Thomas Kinkade Products Thomas Kinkade Products

Maximize your wall space and increase your dollars per square foot with Thomas Kinkade products. For more information on how you can be a part of this exciting organization, contact the Customer Care Department at 800-366-3733 ext. 3.

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